Tool & Cutter Services

Bespoke Carbide Inserts


Springwell Precision Limited offers the manufacture of special bespoke threading and grooving inserts and low volume profile inserts, including coatings and surface preparation.

From customer concept and design through to complete manufacture, Springwell Precision Limited can tailor inserts to meet your requirement for optimum performance, cost and tool life.

We have the experience and capability to meet the tightest of tolerances and machine the most intricate of forms.


New Life to Tools & Cutters

Our tool and cutter services are suitable for any industry using machining applications.

Whether the material is cobalt, tungsten carbide or high-speed steel, we have the expertise to regrind and modify your existing milling cutters, form tools, drills, reamers, taps and tungsten carbide tips.

Using the highest levels of accuracy, re-ground and modified tools and cutters, are returned to you quickly in ‘like-new’ condition, saving your Company time and money without compromising quality.

We offer over 50 years experience, short lead times and huge cost savings.

Services Include